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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bespa Kumamero

Bespa Kumamero
Vocal: Azumi Kuwadate
Programer:Monkichi Irikura

[2008.02.20] Romantic Waves
1 Crazy Bathroom
2 Totem Pole
3 R.R.D. (Retro Radio Disco)
4 Melty Vision
5 haguregumo
6 Nylon Wave
7 Muddy Romantic
8 buried future
9 宇宙メトロ
10 Badger
11 AIR
12 eccentric RMX
13 wise brain computer
14 losing time

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Anonymous said...

I love this group! You have very good site! XD
I´m Czech so I am sorry for my bad english XD
I also have a site, but its in czech language... but you can visit it if you want to XD

- XL ( http://xlightning.blog.cz )