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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yousei Teikoku

Yousei Teikoku
"Fairy Empire"
Vocals and lyrics: YUI
Composer: Takana
Yousei Teikoku is a tencho and gothic trance band
Gothic Lolita Propaganda
1. Gothic Lolita Propaganda
2. last moment
3. Valkyrja
4. Noble Roar
5. Labyrinth
6. Canary
7. あしたを許して/ashita o yurushi te
8. Vermilion Tiara
9. Fortuna
10. 鮮血の誓い/ senketsu no chikai(Oath of Blood)
11. Ira
12. 孤高の創世/kokou no sousei (MIND the Creation)
13. Patriot Anthem
::some translation might be wrong.
Need to recheck...::
available for torrent here,
or direct download here
Schwarzer Sarg
[download each song for full album]
1.Schwarzer Sarg
2. Wisdom
3. Schwarzer Sarg (off vocal)
4. Wisdom (off vocal)

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