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Monday, August 11, 2008


Debut: 1989
Gui/Violin: Sugizo
Drums/Percussion: Shinya
1. With Love
2. G.
3. Hurt
4. Ra-Se-N
5. Luv U
6. Forever & Ever
7. 1999
8. End of Sorrow
9. Desire
10. In Silence
11. Selves
1. Loveless
2. Rosier
3. Face to Face
4. Civilize
5. Genesis of Mind
6. Aurora
7. In Future
8. Fake
9. True Blue
10. Mother

1. Jesus
2. Believe
3. Rejuvenescence
4. Recall
5. Anubis
6. Lastly
7. In My Dream (With Shiver)
8. Steal
9. Lamentable
10. Providence
11. Stay

1. Call for Love
2. Dejavu
3. Mechanical Dance
4. Wall
5. Image
6. Search for Reason
7. Imitation
8. Vampire's Talk
9. Symptom
10. In Mind
11. Moon
12. Wish

LUNA SEA[ 21/04/1991]
1. Fate
2. Time is Dead
3. Sandy Time
4. Branch Road
5. Shade
6. Blue Transparency
7. The Slain
8. Chess
9. Moon
10. Precious...


Gotto said...

Oh they are so good
Thank you writer



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